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Data Science

Leverage Machine Learning / Data Science for consumer understanding and action

This 8-hour course was created for any marketer or Consumer Insights professional who needs to:
- Understand how machine learning works and which machine learning methods are most effective for
solving specific types of business issues,
- Understand how to assess the quality and the effectiveness of machine learning solutions proposed by data
- Learn how to apply data science based on real marketing cases where consumer understanding is crucial

The Consumer Insights function is losing relevance as it is no longer the main point of contact for consumer information:
• More and more consumer information is stored in internal databases that are managed across various
departments, including e-commerce, digital marketing, and various external databases.
• There is a huge range of public databases, syndicated data (Nielsen, GFK) and data brokers (Mintel,
Euromonitor, Global Data, Statista, etc).
• As Consumer Insights do not sufficiently leverage these sources, and rely on traditional (more
expensive) sources of consumer understanding, stakeholders increasingly turn to other departments for
consumer information.

How can Consumer Insights increase its relevance for the business:
• As companies struggle linking and analyzing various data sources, they progressively employ machine
learning tools delivered by data scientists.
• Data scientists usually lack the knowledge of the business context, and the ability to interpret data
sources. They need guidance from business domain experts who know how to link business issues to
data science methods.
• To properly manage a data scientist, an understanding of the methods and activities of the data
scientist is required. If the Consumer Insights is able to do it, the function will increase its relevance
and become a critical capability.

For MARKETERS, mastering the principles of data science is indispensable of developing the data driven marketing capability

No knowledge of programming or software is required to take this course. Our course will equip you with a far more important knowledge: understanding the principles and application of data science in real-life business context!
  • Part 1.mov
  • Test1 What is Machine Learning
  • Part 2.mov
  • Test2 Linear and Polynomial Regression
  • Part 3.mov
  • Test3 Logistic Regression
  • Part 4.mov
  • Test4 Support Vector Machine (SVM)
  • Part 5.mov
  • Test5 Neural Networks
  • Part 6.mov
  • Test6 Recommender Systems
  • Part 7.mov
  • Test7 K-Means Clustering
  • Part 8.mov
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever